Ensuring your home is ready for your arrival.


Ensuring your home is ready for your arrival.

From your linens, to your antiques, to your irreplaceable works of art—every object in your home serves a purpose and has its place. Each needs to be maintained and some need replenishment but all must be accounted for in any well-organized residence. The Corder team creates a house manual with photos detailing every corner of your home and belongings. An essential resource for seamless household operation, your manual includes instructions for the functioning of your entire estate, from the pool to TV, electronic and alarm access codes—right down to the specific locations of towels and candles. We review and inventory all items in your home, including your furniture, artwork, bedding and towels, food and wine storage, cleaning supplies, and more—making sure everything is fully stocked and ready for your arrival. If you’re renting your home, we complete full inventories prior to your tenant’s arrival and afterwards to make sure everything is in place. We learn your taste and style to ensure that your home is always stocked with your favorite floral arrangements and home fragrance, candles, and soaps. We pride ourselves on our personalized home inventory and operation services, because your home is your work of art and everything in it is precious.
All-Inclusive Services
  • Unique Household Inventory and Operation Manuals

  • Complete Inventory of Household Furniture and Art

  • Pre/Post-Arrival Inventory and Supply

  • Pre/Post-Rental Inventory and Supply

  • Grocery Shopping and Stocking

  • Shopping and Stocking of Personal Essentials

  • Shopping and Stocking of Cleaning Supplies

  • Floral Selection and Deliveries

  • Maintenance of All Home Linens, Bedding and Towels

“Since we began working with Alizah and her company early this year, we have been incredibly impressed with their attention to detail and responsiveness — they certainly make second homeownership easier!”

— Jack H., Amagansett